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Hello, my name is Pete Temple and I'm a leasing agent with Renters Warehouse.  I created this page to introduce you to myself, our company, and what we offer.  If you are a real estate broker or Realtor I have some free services to offer you.  Take a look below to see what I can help you with.

Free Advertisement for your Listings.

Agents are using video tours, and 3D tours, more and more.  This is the preferred way to introduce a new property for a few reasons.  First, video and 3d tours save you time and allow your clients the ability to tour many properties from their phone or couch.  This translates into less "driving for dollars" going from house to house just to figure out what the clients really want.  The second advantage is instant gratification for potential buyers.  They can scan a QR code right in front of the property and virtually step inside the property right from their smartphone.  And third, they can instantly share the tour with friends and family.  Why is video so important?  Save time and increase your listing exposure with

$149 3D Zillow Tours.

Zillow continues to be a top portal for home buyers and renters.  They have introduced an integrated 3D walkthrough tour option that adds a purple 3D HOME icon to the property maps so that people can click and immediatly 3D tour your listing.  In addition, the 3D tour shows up just below the featured photo for the listing for an immediate virtual tour.  We provide a seperate link to the 3d tour that you can add ito your literature, yard signs, and the platform.  (currently we are booked about 4 days out so if you would like to schedule your property please email to schedule) 

Free Rental Analysis.

If you are buyers agent working with investors looking for long term real estate investments I can assist you.  We provide free rental estimates for Realtors and Owners looking to invest in real estate.  This allows your buyers the ability to compare the sales price to projected rent to see which investments might produce the best ROI. Existing landlords can benefit from a free rental analysis to check and adjust rents in this rapidly changing rental market.  Reach out for a free analysis today!

Realtor Referral Program. (earn big checks for 5 min work)

I'm excited to introduce the Renters Warehouse Realtor Referral program.  If you have owners that are looking for property management then we pay a $500 Referral per door.  So owners with a duplex would net you a $1,000 referral fee.  Who do you know that's unhappy with their current management company?  What investors do you know that want to purchase properties and have a management company handle the rental for them?  I work on a regular basis with Realtors who have clients looking for the best tenants and property management services.  Setting up a referral with us takes about 5 minutes and could net you up to $500!  Come take a look at and start earning that extra paycheck!

Who is Renters Warehouse and why should I send my clients to you?

Renters Warehouse is a leasing and property management company operating in 20 major markets.  Currently, we manage over 20,000 properties making us the largest single-family rental management company.  In the Colorado market, we operate from Ft. Collins/ Boulder areas down into Colorado Springs.  As a leasing agent, I have personally leased hundreds of properties over the last 5 years and work closely with Realtors and Investors to maximize long term rental return rates.

  • Non- exclusive agreements: We never lock you into long term agreements or block you from renting your property on your own.

  • The best marketing:  We spend over 4.5 million a year advertising our clients properties.  Featured listings on the biggest rental sites.  HD video tours and 3D home tours at no extra cost!

  • Less days on market:  Time is money, and a vacant property costs you every day it sits vacant.  Our massive marketing budget means we rent properties on average from 14-21 days during peak season.

  • We only use licensed agents:   Licened agents are required to show properties and "sell the benefits."  Every showing is provided by licenced agents who can answer questions and move the property to the application process.

  • Extensive tenant screening:  We use a 100 point background check including employment, rental history, National criminal background.  Highly qualifed tenants are our top priorty to have smooth management outcome.

  • Renters Warranty:  We warranty every tenant we place.  Our tenant screening is so thorough we stand behind our approved tenant placement with a tenant warranty up to 18 months in duration.

  • Lowest cost management:  For just $129 per month (less for 4 plex  and larger buildings) we provide full service property management services, rent collection, inspections, reporting, and maintenance coordination.

  • No repair authority:  Have your own handyman?  Do you like to spin a wrench and save some money?  You tell us how much, or how little you want to be involved in the maintenance of your property.  You're the boss, and we never spend your money without your permission first.

  • Optional eviction protection:  Our eviction rate for tenants that we place is less than 1/2 of one percent due to our extensive screening.  But many owners want additional protection so we provide a $20 a month eviction protection program.

  • Free services:  We provide free rental analysis for brokers and owners.  I'm happy to come out and visit with owners to make suggestions on finish levels and suggested repairs to create an optimal rental enviorment.  Put my experience to work!

Sound good?  Give Pete a call to get started (303) 884-3381. Property Rentals


I highly recommend Peter Temple with Renter’s Warehouse.  I met Peter for coffee a couple years back and was intrigued by the property management and leasing program that Peter offered.  As a commercial property manager I can recognize a good operation when I see one.  I shortly thereafter referred an out -of-state residential investment client of mine to Peter.  The process was seamless and within weeks my client had a long term lease in place.  The referral fee arrived quickly.  This transaction solidified my business relationship with Peter and I’ve been referring my investor clients to him ever since.  If you are unsure if Peter Temple is the right fit for you, let me state one more thing.  I use Peter to help me with my own investment residential.  Ed Boyle - Broker

"Peter Temple with Renters Warehouse has been great to work with as brokers and real estate investors.   Peter's knowledge of the Denver residential rental market, ability to provide targeted pricing for rents and get the properties leased in a timely manner makes his services invaluable to our clients and ourselves. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone looking at investment properties and needing a trusted leasing agent."

Kathy - Broker