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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Q: What is the cost for monthly management?
A: If you already have tenants and want us to manage your property we provide full service management for $80 per month for single units.  We offer discounts for duplexes up through apartment buildings.  Contact Pete for more info at 720 446-7708.  A small set up fee applies to new accounts to set up direct debits, initial inspection, setting up tenants in our computer systems, etc.

Q: What is your tenant placement fee?
A: In order to provide the fastest tenant placement we spend huge sums of money on advertisement so your property rents the quickest it can.  For this service we charge a fee equal to one months that is collected from the new tenants first months rent.

Q: Why should I use your services?
A: Renter Warehouse is committed to your success.  Our innovative program keeps you 100% in control because we never lock you into long term contracts or threaten you with termination fees.  We spend over four million dollars a year to put your listings at the top of all the major rental sites.  We thoroughly check each prospective tenants references and offer the best tenant warranty program in Denver.  Plain and simple we get the results your seeking and earn your business every single month.

Q: Why do most management companies lock you into a contract?
A: They would tell you that they have a lot of time and money invested in finding you a tenant so you have to sign a one year exclusive agreement with them.  The problem is that after you sign that agreement your locked in so they have no real motivation to do a good job month after month.  Most companies slack off most of the year and then try to make up for it when your contract comes due.  We flip this idea on it's head with our non-exclusive, and performance based agreements.  It's the new way to do business, and it's all about you!

Q: Can you help me with existing tenants?
A: We sure can, in fact we can probably help you increase your monthly income right away.  Rents are up in Denver and we can help you take advantage of that fact.  Trust in us to work on your behalf to educate your tenants about increasing rents and sign them to new leases.  If a tenant decides to move we can get the unit filled with a new tenant right away.

Call Pete at 720 446-7708 for a free rental analysis or with any questions.